Painting “Heritage”

"I am an artist…I am here to live out loud."

~ Emile Zola

artist statement

I begin a new painting with brush strokes of color that call to me, then I follow the direction that the painting dictates. I never approach the canvas with preconceived ideas; I let my mind go silent and let the painting take over. The most important thing for me is to focus on the process and not the result. Most of all, I try to just let go. My best work comes from a place of quiet and inner peace. I paint fast and spontaneously as it helps me cover more ground and allows the spirit to flow through me. The painting takes on a life of its own. It gives me confidence, to trust where I am going and not worry about the destination. When I am painting, the cares of the world are left behind and I am free to let my thoughts be quiet, allowing my focus to be on each next step as it arrives. Painting allows me to be fully present and in the moment. When I focus on the enjoyment of painting, and not on the approval of others, I produce better work.